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Don't Silence the Birds – broaches to finance conservation works at Mardu 

Imagine living in a world with out the natural music of bird songs.? Vivaldi, The Beatles, and Moby - they all sit on the same branch as singing birds. Think of the joy and glory such music brings to our souls! And as much as we loathe them, mosquitoes represent a considerable critical source of food for wildlife on the lower rungs of the food chain, including birds. Our world has just the right stuff to cherish and care for each person and each species beside us. Come along. You're entitled.

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fkn natureirritating and funky set of everiday items like mugs, t-shirts etc to finance design residenture programs @ mardu.

We don't believe much in leaflets and brochures to share the stories inspired by Mardu. To get truly utterly without beautifying on how nature functions and inspires us you need to get it between your bones! You need to experience it and to rise the curiosity amongst others you need to carry it with you for the world to see. fkn nature does it. Irritating and funky set of everiday items like mugs, t-shirts etc express simple facts of life the way they are. All the income we get for the sales of this series will be used for running our design residency programs @ Mardu studio. 

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Wilderness Dreamsbedding set to finance conservation works at wilderness conservation hotspots around the world

Did you know that 90% of the space we use for living today has once been home for
other species. Species we consider wild and rare today? Expansion of our living space has reduced land that once was covered with forests, meadows and vast wetlands. To secure and finance last wilderness sanctuaries like Soomaa National Park a set of beddings is waiting to find its way to your bedroom.

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Wayting in the drawer: 

AA – simple set of drinking glasses with a hope on better future for those in pane

Did you know that Estonia is a country with one of the highest HIV positive rates in Europe? The reason for this lies in our resent history and low awareness of the threat amongst some social classes. To support local NGO's and medical institutions with extra finances on dealing with HIV epidemic in Estonia, simple three coloured glassware has been designed remembering their future users of the lurking threat and helping those who suffer.

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