We are looking ways to share global knowledge through our residency programs between professionals from different fields, developing products and services to support local small scale production in sustain quantities close to their end users. 

No items in our physical world should be produced anonymously.
 Rusty pennies for anonymous goods, silver and gold for the master you know? Small price you pay a’int no salvation. It will hit you way you never expected and in the end of the day we just can not afford it. Instead all creators should be treated with honor and dignity. As in the house next to yours as in Bangladesh.

Though our small globe has been overtaken and run by giant brands and corporations, there are also other ways of doing business. Small communities have not disappeared - more than that, they are growing stronger. The human size thinking seems to be “new black” of our era. And we’d gladly would ask you to wear it. There is room for responsible production next to what our world has seen through last hundred years. We believe that small scale design production originating from traditional crafts, can help the world to regain it’s human scale again. Not all daily items we use, have to be shipped cheaply over from the other side of the world. Fair price should be paid for all.

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