into the depths of time and silence. interview with ingeborg entrop

We had the honour of hosting artist Ingeborg Entrop at Mardu farm during her recording and exploration trips to Soomaa National Park and it's vast bogs. To mark down some of her doings and thoughts that came up during these visits and long talks behind our kitchen table between 2015 - 2016, we decided to write this short interview – for you to read and us to remember.  Read more

Ingeborg entrop presented a soundpiece based on the recordings from soomaa

Ingeborg recording in Soomaa
Ingeborg Entrop: Since the beginning of this year I have been visiting Soomaa regularly to record its sounds. These visits are part of a project in which I aim to (re)construct the sounds of the bog landscape that once surrounded Groningen (NL), the place I currently live. In autumn I will stay a few weeks in Soomaa again to continue this quest. Read more

dutch artist ingeborg entrop is working on a field recording project in soomaa

We are so happy that people who have a similar way of thinking to ours find their way to Mardu and the surrounding nature is a source of inspiration and subject of research. In the next coming weeks a Dutch artist Ingeborg Entrop is going to stay at Mardu and work on a field recording project in which she tries to establish what it actually means to exist somewhere. Read more what she wrote about her background and project: Read more

Snippets of Anna Jaaniste's writing done while at mardu

In the second part of October a visual artist Anna Jaaniste spent three weeks at Mardu. Here is what she wrote about her agenda and expectations before her stay. Her work will start to unfold gradually when she gets back to Australia.

But for now we are very glad to share snippets of Anna's writing and photos done while at Mardu. We are very thankful she decided to come and had a special time here at Mardu.

*Please note that these are unedited writings by the author. Read more

A visual artist Anna Jaaniste based in Australia is coming to Mardu to explore how her Estonian roots reflect in her art practice

We asked Anna to write about her background, agenda and expectations and we would like to share her piece of writing with you, in case somebody has an idea one would like to share with Anna to help her with research.

I am Anna Jaaniste, a visual artist based in Sydney Australia. I consider myself a sculptor, because my work is very physical and spacial. It explores what it is to live through our bodies and senses, to be in contact with the physical world around us.

I make objects, installations, performance, sound, video work. My work is usually site-specific, ephemeral, improvisational, made using materials at hand, and is highly responsive to my connection with land and place.

I see my art works as a living process rather than as the production of static art objects. The artworks are facilitators of experience (for both the audience and myself) - they are of the moment, they are integrated with daily life.
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Jewellery artist Elo Uibokand gathered inspiration at Mardu for her jewellery series "Soft Is The Night"

Jewellery artist Elo Uibokand worked for four days at Mardu developing her jewellery series "Soft Is The Night". She wrote down her thoughts and emotions, took pictures of her stay.

Although Mardu residence is not officially open yet we are very glad of the first pioneers who despite of discomfort enjoy themselves here and are able to poor the experience into their work.
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